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Savannah Windows & More

Savannah Windows & More provides high quality window products that allows you to enhance the ambiance in your home at very reasonable prices. We combine elegance and style with energy efficiency that will have your home feeling as cozy and inviting as it looks.

We offer custom products that are strong and durable at an excellent value with easy upkeep. If you want cutting edge performance without breaking the bank, Savannah Windows & More welcomes you with open arms!

Bay, Bow and Garden Windows

The rooms where you dine and entertain should be a reflection of you. Our Bay, Bow and Garden

Casement and Awning Windows

There’s more to casement and awning windows that meets the eye. There’s history and

Double Hung Windows

Our vinyl replacement Double-Hung window has a refined and purposeful design that stays true to the

Picture Windows and Special Shapes

The true aura of the Picture Window lies in its versatility

Slider Windows

Our Sliding Windows provide wide-open volume and natural light, presenting the perfect

Sliding Glass Door

The entrances to your home are seen by all. Therefore, your entry ways should be

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Savannah Windows & More

can improve your home with windows that support:

Comfort, Beauty and Energy Efficiency

High Quality with Low Maintenance

Reputable Products that hold Third-Party

Strength and Durability

Peace of Mind with Warranty Protection

Expert Installation

Elegance and Innovation

Your windows are more than just a view of the world outside of your house. They reflect the character that makes your house a home. Therefore, choosing windows that are designed and built by experts that are knowledgeable in every step of the creation process brings an element of quality to your home. Savannah Windows & More combines the best materials available with state-of-the-art engineering to provide consumers with options that will work wonders for your home’s curb appeal and property value.

At Savannah Windows & More, we understand that purchasing and replacing windows is a considerable investment because your windows are a very important part of your home. While enhancing the image that your home displays, your windows also play a part in conserving the energy that stays within your house – the energy that you pay for through your utility bills. Keep your home energy efficient while bringing an element of beauty to it. Savannah Windows & More can help you unify strength and beauty, and this can be done while you sleep peacefully with the backing of great warranty protection.


What does "Any Size Installed" mean?

“Any Size” means that our manufacturer will construct windows to fit any sized space that you need. The word “Installed” means the removal of your existing window and the installation of your new windows from Savannah Windows & More.

How can I pay for my windows and installation?

We accept cash, all major credit cards and checks. We also offer flexible financing options that will allow you to make payments over time. Ask us about it.

Are you able to install windows during the winter months?

Yes, Savannah Windows & More installs windows year round and the typical window installation usually requires only one day of labor. Our installers are considerate of the comfort of your home and are trained to close any doors in the room they are working in to minimize heat loss during colder seasons. The energy savings that you will reap from the new, efficient windows will more than make up for the energy lost during installation in just a few short days.

What should I do to prepare my home for installation?

It is easier and quicker for the installers to install new windows if you remove any curtains, blinds, or window treatments before our arrival. Please make arrangements for the installer to have clear access to the window by removing any furniture that may cause an obstruction. Also deactivate any security devices that may be attached to the window and remove any wall decorations that are close to the window.

Savannah Windows & More

is dedicated to ensuring that the window purchasing process is easy for you. We love what we do and our loyal customer base reflects that so we only offer products that will genuinely benefit your home’s image and functionality. Savannah Windows & More promises to never create a quote with items that you don’t need just for our benefit. Our goal is to simply make your home look and feel better with quality windows. Your satisfaction is our reward!

Our company has served the Savannah, Georgia community, Richmond Hill and Hinesville areas with high quality window purchasing and installation for years. We also serve the following counties: Bryan, Bulloch, Chatham, Effingham, Liberty and Long. We also serve the Pooler, Ga area.

No matter the size, price, or zip code of your home, Savannah Windows & More can bring value to your home by:


Providing windows for many components of your home that include Sliding Glass Patio doors, Awning windows, Garden windows, Picture windows, Double-Hung windows and more.


Enhancing your home with products such as French Patio doors and Entry doors.


Providing Expert window installation and replacement while bringing out the best in your home’s aesthetic qualities with trim and color consulting.

Our Work


Savannah Windows and More were fantastic....they gave us the best price and the best installers. They installed 14 new windows in one day and taught us all the benefits of the windows such as the theft control latches and how to easily clean the windows inside and out by having the windows open inward so you could clean the outside while staying in the house. Our old windows were painted shut for over 13 years so we were very impressed with these new ones. And Nick came out on two different days to make sure everything was as it should be.....once while the installers were there and once after it was all done. They definitely went the extra mile and we are very satisfied and happy with the service they gave us!

Kelly W.