Double Hung Window Replacement & Installation

Double Hung Windows Are Forever in Style

Our vinyl double hung window replacement products have a refined and purposeful design that stays true to the classic double-hung style, yet exudes a cool, contemporary elegance with clean lines and crisp corners.  The double hung window is equally loved for its carefree functionality. In addition, there’s no need to struggle with hard-to-reach areas because both sashes tilt in to allow easy cleaning from inside the comfort of your home.

Vinyl double hung window replacement windows are built for everyday wear and tear. The skillfully constructed sashes raise and lower easily on a constant force balance system, eliminating the need for sash cords, weights and pulleys. The result is pure beauty, and the smooth operation of our double hung windows will be a simple pleasure.

The Benefits Of Double Hung Windows:


One of the first notable benefits of double hung windows is the high level of ventilation you can gain from having them. This provides the perfect cycling of air for your home. Rain is obviously quite common in the summers here in Georgia. It’s a huge benefit that you won’t have to sacrifice fresh air when you have double-hung windows. This is because you can have the top sash open and rain won’t come in since it’s under the eave.

Another benefit is that the window design provides the opportunity for screens. This allows for the added benefit of letting air in and keeping gnats and mosquitos out.

Window Cleaning and Maintenance

One of the most unique benefits of double hung windows is the window’s ability to tilt inward. This design makes it incredibly easy to clean the outside of the window from the inside of your home. Gone are the days of climbing a ladder of any size to clear the exterior of your home’s windows.

Many Window Options to Choose From

Double-hung windows have been and will continue to be an incredibly popular choice of new windows. This popularity has allowed for a wide range of styles, colors, sizes, and price points. Of all things, they are most commonly known for their classic design and appeal. This flexibility means that we have a double-hung window that will fit your home, upgrade goals, and budget without sacrificing the quality of the window and its installation.

Energy Efficiency

The last noted benefit is energy efficiency. Savannah Windows & More provides Energy Star Low-E glass which limits the amount of UV heat coming into the home. The dual-pane, double-strength insulated glass, thermally optimized frame and sash, and non-conductive composite reinforcements are just part of the advanced energy engineering that puts our double-hung window in a class by itself. This all results in less HVAC use and lower utility bills.

We’re a proud installer of Energy Star energy-efficient windows.  These cutting edge windows provide homeowners with the ability to lower the monthly cost of electricity. Energy Star reports the following:

“Replacing old windows with ENERGY STAR certified windows lowers household energy bills by an average of 12 percent nationwide. Lower energy consumption also reduces greenhouse gas emissions from power plants and homes.”


The Vinyl Double Hung Replacement Window Features:

  • Narrowline frame and sashes with fusion-welded corners provide this window with exceptional beauty, strength and energy efficiency.
  • The integrated sash-to-sill interlock provides a unified wall of strength, resulting in the prevention of the sash from bowing in extreme winds.
  • The window’s non-conductive, composite reinforcement in the meeting rails allows for secure mounting of hardware, consequently improves energy efficiency.
  • It’s true sloped sill creates a highly efficient drainage system to prevent water and debris accumulation.
  • The window’s constant force balance system provides smooth raising and lowering of sashes.
  • Contains a hidden screen track for a neat and clean appearance.

So How Much Value?

Homeowners who replace their windows can recoup 75-80% of the project costs through an increase in the value of your home. For example, if a homeowner spends $10,000 on new, certified energy efficient windows they have the potential to increase their home value by as much as $7,500-$8,000.***  

There are a good number of variables that can affect how much home value you’re gaining with the most present being climate and cost of energy. Like we mentioned earlier, the southeast is a very hot region. When people buy homes in this area the first upgrade is usually new windows to combat poor insulation. This upgrade allows sellers to be more negotiable when a buyer finds out you’ve upgraded all your old windows to energy-efficient windows.  

Cheap vs The Right Way

The other more obvious variable is the type of window you’re purchasing. It really is a “you get what you pay for” situation when it comes to home window replacement and your return on investment. Cheap windows will still cost you a good deal of money to install with no return. 

If you’re going to invest in new windows they have to be installed correctly to maximize your opportunities to increase your home value. They also have to be certified energy efficient to take advantage of the benefits highlighted above.

We’ve covered the main benefits of double-hung windows in this article but it doesn’t stop here. We’re available to answer any questions you may have regarding the number of windows you need, and the right choice style of double-hung window for your next home window replacement or installation. Savannah Windows & More can install custom Double Hung windows in your home anywhere in the Savannah, GA areas.

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