Window Replacement & Installation FAQ

Q: What does “Any Size, Installed” mean?
A: “Any Size” means that our manufacturer will construct windows to fit any sized space that you need. The word “Installed” means the removal of your existing window and the installation of your new windows from Savannah Windows & More.

Q: How can I pay for my windows and installation? Does Savannah Windows & More offer financing?
A: We accept cash, all major credit cards and checks. We also offer flexible financing options that will allow you to make payments over time. Ask us about it.

Q: Are you able to install windows during the winter months?
A: Yes, Savannah Windows & More installs windows year round and the typical window installation usually requires only one day of labor. Our installers are considerate of the comfort of your home and are trained to close any doors in the room they are working in to minimize heat loss during colder seasons. The energy savings that you will reap from the new, efficient windows will more than make up for the energy lost during installation in just a few short days.

Q: What should I do to prepare my home for installation?
A: It is easier and quicker for the installers to install new windows if you remove any curtains, blinds, or window treatments before our arrival. Please make arrangements for the installer to have clear access to the window by removing any furniture that may cause an obstruction. Also deactivate any security devices that may be attached to the window and remove any wall decorations that are close to the window.

Q: How long will it take to receive my windows after ordering?
A: Your windows will be received and installed within 3 to 4 weeks after your windows are measured. The time it takes to install windows depends on the type of window being installed as well as the type of window that is being removed. Most installations average around 30 minutes per window and most jobs can be completed in one day.

Q: Will my new windows have a warranty?
A: ALL of the windows provided by Savannah Windows & More come with a lifetime transferrable warranty.

Q: Do I have to dispose of my old windows and screens?
A: We remove all debris from your property upon completing installation of your new windows. If you want to keep your old windows, simply let the installer know when he arrives.

Q: What do I do if I have a problem with the windows after installation?
A: At Savannah Windows & More, we take our customers’ satisfaction very seriously. Our customers rarely have issues with their newly installed windows but if you do encounter an issue, contact us via phone or email and we will address the issue.

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