Vinyl Window Replacement in Savannah, GA

Congratulations on your decision to research window replacement.

Whether you are remodeling and need a set of windows or need to replace just a broken one, buying and installing new windows can be a big project. Like everything related to your project, it helps to know what is involved in replacing your windows, such as materials and style. Going into the process well informed will make replacing your windows easier, less stressful and a positive experience.

The first step in replacing windows is addressing the reason why they need to be replaced in your home. Do you have drafty windows, are they energy efficient, are they stuck closed or beginning to rot? These are some instances where you might find yourself in the market for new home windows.

The second step is to decide what style of window you want: double hung style, sliders, casements, bay windows, etc.

The third step is choosing the material you would like your windows to be made of.  Windows can be made out of vinyl, aluminum, wood or composite material.

This section can get tricky based on the budget, location of install and overall need for new windows.  Vinyl windows are typically the most cost efficient.  Aluminum windows are mostly used in new construction (builder grade).  Windows made out of wood and composite are on the upper spectrum of both cost and maintenance.

The energy efficiency of the window comes mostly from the glass, as you look at your own windows, and see 80-90% is glass.  There are hundreds of window manufacturers, but not all meet the needs of the Savannah Low Country market.

Last is the install, equally as important as the window itself.

Savannah Windows uses a Top 10 manufactured vinyl window that meets the local codes and can withstand the low country climate plus it carries a lifetime warranty.

Once these decisions are made it is time to choose a professional contractor to guide you through the installation process and to see what window options are available to you.  When it comes to replacing windows, there are many choices to make.  Savannah Windows & More is “Your Residential Window Experts”.  We would be glad to advise you on all your options for window replacement in Savannah -give us a call or send us an email, and one of our window professionals will contact you.


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