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Window Replacement – The Process

Whether you are remodeling and need a set of new windows, or need a window replacement for a broken one, buying and window installation can be a big project. Like everything else related to your project, it pays to know what is involved in replacing your windows, such as options in materials, styles and properties. Going into the process well informed of window replacement Savannah, will make replacing your windows easier and not as stressful.

The process of replacement starts with window installation method. There are generally two ways a window can be replaced: replacement or retrofit. Replacement windows require removal of wall stucco or siding. The installer will remove the stucco and the flashing paper around the window before installing your new window. This process is a good idea if you are planning on remodeling and removing some of the stucco. If you are not planning to remove any stucco, the new stucco will not react to changing weather the same as your existing stucco, expanding and contracting at different rates. This could cause cracking over time.


Before Window Replacement

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Window Installation & Retro-fitting

Retro-fitting a window is considerably less expensive than a full replacement, and uses your existing window. The installer will determine the method of window installation depending upon whether you have wood or metal windows. When this method is used, the new window will be slightly smaller than your old one, but it is usually not noticeable.

Once the method of window installation is determined, it’s time to choose the material of your new windows. Metal windows use a flange that covers the outside frame of your old window. The inside will be covered by a piece of trim. Wood windows require removing the stops on the exterior or interior and removing the sash. This will leave the perimeter frame to allow the installer to slide the new window into it.

When it comes to choosing the type of glass for your window installation, it is good to consider energy efficiency and privacy. Double-pane windows can help reduce your energy costs by up to 15 percent. Low emissivity glass features a metallic coating that keeps heat in during the winter and reflects it during the summer. Frosted or bubbled glass can add privacy to a window by limiting visibility while still allowing light to come through.

During Window Replacement

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Window Replacement Materials

Picking the right material for the window frames is also important. There are several to choose from. Vinyl is a popular choice since it is inexpensive, maintenance free, and allow for smooth and easy window opening. The downside is that vinyl cannot be painted, and usually only come in tan and white colors.

Aluminum windows are a little more versatile when it comes to colors. If you prefer a darker window frame, go with a dark bronze anodized frame. Clear anodized frames are lighter in color. Unfortunately, aluminum frames don’t offer as much insulating ability as some other materials.

Fiberglass windows offer more customization options. Fiberglass can be painted, and often comes in darker colors. It is a great insulator and is relatively maintenance free. However, fiberglass is quite expensive.

Wood frames are a good choice if you are trying to maintain an old house’s style. Wood frames are available with or without exterior cladding, which is available in vinyl or aluminum. Wood windows will require regular painting, and if you choose to have double-pane windows or low emissivity glass, they will be pricey.

Once these decisions are made it is time to choose a contractor. Check to see what window options are available through each contractor, obtain warranty information, and remember your rights as a homeowner. To find a good contractor, find reviews online or ask for referrals from friends and neighbors. Window replacement in Savannah is what Windows and More does best!

When it comes to replacing windows, there are many choices to make. Savannah Windows & More is here to help. We would be glad to advise you on all your options for window replacement in Savannah- just give us a call or send us an email, and one of your window professionals will contact you.


After Window Replacement

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