Do New Windows Increase Home Value?

Your home is always about two things. The first is having a place to call home that feels secure, inviting, and aesthetically in line with who you are. You want to communicate to guests that this space is you when they spend time with you. The second is that your home is an investment and source of equity. Investments are pursued to provide gains and your home is a great asset to make that happen. So out of all of the home upgrades, do new windows increase home value? The answer is yes so let’s break down why. 


Energy Efficiency Value

Replacement windows add value to your home. This value doesn’t just show up on the resell side but also because they provide continuous value for the homeowner. 

The Southeast is an incredibly warm part of the country and with that follows high energy costs for cooling. Yes, there is a lot of new construction, but a majority of the greater Savannah area is filled with beautiful yet poorly insulated homes. These older homes have a very hard time retaining the air their air conditioners are working tirelessly to provide. 

We’re a proud installer of Energy Star energy-efficient windows.  These cutting edge windows provide homeowners with the ability to lower the monthly cost of electricity. Energy Star reports the following:

“Replacing old windows with ENERGY STAR certified windows lowers household energy bills by an average of 12 percent nationwide. Lower energy consumption also reduces greenhouse gas emissions from power plants and homes.”

This benefit drives the value of your home and the quality of your life as you can use your utility savings elsewhere. This home benefit will give you serious negotiating power when you’re selling.


The Science Behind Energy Efficient Windows

True energy-efficient windows all center around one key feature, insulation. Temperature is the driving factor behind the need for insulation but the second and perhaps less obvious reason is UV rays. Just as a well-designed pair of sunglasses protects your eyes, a certified Energy Star window will protect the interior of your home. This includes protecting against the fading of home furnishings due to UV exposure.

The remedy for this is Low E (Low Emissivity) glass. All of our Energy Start certified windows feature a virtually clear metallic coating that allows warm rays through in the winter and blocks solar heat in the summer. 

This advanced technology creates a ‘smart’ window that protects the contents of your home and keeps your energy bills low. This is a huge reason why you’ll get a return on investment for your home in both home value and quality of life.



We’ve spoken in detail about the cost benefits of replacement windows. What we can’t forget is that the aesthetic benefits of replacing windows also pushes up the value of your home. The science behind the energy efficiency of windows is the same for every window we install, but your window choices aren’t. 

We have a large number of window and door styles to choose from. Replacing your windows is the perfect time to reimagine the rooms they supply light to, and that includes updating the style of window. Windows can be understated in how transformative they can be.  Your home window replacement project will give you the perfect opportunity to add value to your home by opening up the potential of the spaces in your home. 


So How Much Value?

Homeowners who replace their windows can recoup 75-80% of the project costs through an increase in the value of your home. For example, if a homeowner spends $10,000 on new, certified energy efficient windows they have the potential to increase their home value by as much as $7,500-$8,000.***  

There are a good number of variables that can affect how much home value you’re gaining with the most present being climate and cost of energy. Like we mentioned earlier, the southeast is a very hot region. When people buy homes in this area the first upgrade is usually new windows to combat poor insulation. This upgrade allows sellers to be more negotiable when a buyer finds out you’ve upgraded all your old windows to energy-efficient windows.  

Cheap vs The Right Way

The other more obvious variable is the type of window you’re purchasing. It really is a “you get what you pay for” situation when it comes to home window replacement and your return on investment. Cheap windows will still cost you a good deal of money to install with no return. 

If you’re going to invest in new windows they have to be installed correctly to maximize your opportunities to increase your home value. They also have to be certified energy efficient to take advantage of the benefits highlighted above.

We are Savannah’s most trusted source of both high-quality windows and doors, and the best installation and customer service available. Give us a call or fill out our free quote form to start your window replacement project today!

***This is not a guarantee and is based on nationwide data. However, we can guarantee that you’ll receive the highest quality installation with one of the best Energy Star certified windows on the market.