The Benefits of Vinyl Windows

Home material technology has advanced so much over the course of the last 50 years. People love to claim that things are not made like they used to but those people are clearly not referring to home window technology. One of those huge steps forward has been in the development of vinyl windows to replace wooden designs. Thankfully this advancement provides all the benefits of new technology while retaining the classic look and feel of its older wooden predecessor. So, this month we’re going to cover the benefits of vinyl windows.

Vinyl Durability and Maintenance

Wood is a timeless building material but its inability to withstand the tests of moisture, heat, and other natural elements can create issues with longevity. On the other hand, vinyl windows are less susceptible to rotting and warping and will never splinter like wood windows eventually do. You also won’t have issues harboring insects like termites when you chose to upgrade to vinyl windows. When you choose vinyl windows for your home you are choosing a window option that requires the lowest amount of maintenance possible which is a huge benefit for any homeowner.


The second benefit of vinyl windows is the cost. Vinyl is much more affordable to manufacture than wood and fiberglass window options and it’s also easier to install. You absolutely still need a professional to install your vinyl windows but this ease allows for more affordable installation costs. You can hit issues with poor sealing and hardware with the lower quality manufacturers. This is why we are proud to provide a great balance of quality and affordability with the vinyl window suppliers we partner with.

Energy Efficiency

Another of the benefits of vinyl windows is that they also have better thermal properties. The low thermal transfer provides better insulation and lower utility costs.  All of our vinyl windows are Energy Star Rated and provide the best UV protection for your home. Another benefit of Energy Star windows is that they allow light in but keep heat out during the hot summer months.  This allows you to maintain your preferred temperature levels inside your home without having to worry about poor insulation letting cool air out. This also has a direct impact on your energy bills which is absolutely an added benefit of using vinyl windows.


The last benefit is that there are a large number of styles to choose from. This includes sizes and styles that can fit any type of home. So, you’ll never have to compromise the look and feel of classic windows if you’re upgrading from wood. The only downside to vinyl is you’re limited to a handful of color options but the colors seem to meet most of their needs and can be painted on. Most of our customers prefer the clean, light design of vinyl windows, but that is still something to consider if you want some color customization.

Getting Started

We are looking forward to speaking with you when you’re ready to upgrade to vinyl windows. We have a smooth and easy estimate process and will quickly get you set up with exactly what you need to improve the look of your home, the energy efficiency of your home, and add value to your home. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.


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