Preparing your home for a window installation company.

Be prepared for the installation crew during the time you selected. You can aid make the crew work as successfully as possible by prepping your home for the operate at hand:

  • Deactivate any alarm that may link to your existing windows. You might want to prepare to have a specialist from your home security company disconnect the alarms and then reconnect them after your brand-new windows are installed.
  • Clear the workspace of anything delicate or fragile. Remove anything on the walls or on shelves. Remove your home window treatments if you’re conserving them to use with your new windows.
  • Cover your furnishings with blankets or sheets to safeguard from dust produced throughout the job Relocate furnishings 4 to 6 feet from where the home window openings that will replaced.
  • Trim your landscaping if required, shrubs, trees and bushes, to give the crew sufficient clearance to deal with the outside of the window. They’ll require a minimum of two feet to work easily. Bay and bow windows need a lot more space to function, so talk to your home window installer for extra area demands.
  • Plan a separate work space for the installers to establish their equipment. They may require accessibility to an electric outlet, so choose a spot within range. You might want to clear space in your garage if there’s a chance of rain in the forecast.
  • Keep your children and pets away from the workplace. For the safety of the crew as well as your family, limit accessibility to the work area for the duration of the installation. If you require access to something while work is going on, organize time with the team to quit working and allow you obtain what you require done and be on your way.

Understanding the window replacement job.

With the prep job done, the window replacement crew can start. Once they arrive at your house, you’ll want discuss wuth them where they can park and also set up their equipment. While the crew unloads the vehicle and readies up, you can ask the crew to go through the whole project with you. With each other, you can check that all the window openings as well as units match the work order to guarantee everybody knows the correct areas, sizes and setups.

Now is the moment to communicate any unique instructions you have for the project. You may intend to conserve your old windows or trim, preserve your treatments or just have the crew use a certain door to get in and outdoors. Mention any landscaping, or various other things inside or outside your home, that have to be secured during installation.

After everything is communicated and the team begins job, you are free to leave. You don’t need to be present for the whole window replacement project. Allow the team lead to understand any plans you have for that day before you go and exchange phone numbers in case anything turns up throughout the installation process. You can coordinate a time for the final walkthrough based upon the very best estimate for completion of the project or check on the development while you’re away to schedule a more accurate time.

Our installation crew will park where it’s convenient for you, examine the installation strategy with you, and cover their workspace to shield your room. Savannah Windows & More will install your new windows as well as doors in nearly any weather condition, contain the mess, and you apprised of the status throughout the day. We take extra steps to respect your house. We clean up after themselves, haul away your old doors and windows, and instruct you on how to use your new products.

Cleaning up the installation mess.

Our expert installers will certainly remove your old windows, prepare the openings for brand-new units and also install the new windows adhering to the manufacturer’s instructions. We’ll protect your new windows with low expansion foam insulation, include trim and seal them in and out with the proper products. All that can create a bit of a mess, yet our crew takes measures to safeguard your home and also tidy up after ourselves.

We will position drop cloths, tarps or other protection on the floorings where we walk as well as around the workplace. This aids in maintaining the mess of the project from dirtying or damaging your home. We completely clean the workspace inside and also outside your house and also carry away all job-related debris, unless you defined that you wanted to keep your old window, trim or treatments. Nonetheless, dust goes airborne, so you must anticipate some small amount of dust inside your home.

Going through your finished project.

After all work and also cleaning is complete, we will go through the project with you and demonstrate exactly how to operate each home window. You ought to be entirely happy with the high quality of work and also comfortable with the operations of your windows. Ask the crew any final installation questions you might.

For Savannah Windows & More, there will be follow-up processes for you to offer comments, good or bad. Your response is important to us. It’s a documentation of your remarks if anything is wrong, or that you’re entirely pleased. We’ll ensure any remaining issues are settled.

Installation day brings the window replacement process to an end. The financial investment of time and money you take into the task ultimately pays off and also you can start enjoying a more attractive, extra comfortable residence.