Your Old Windows May Be Costing You Money

We’ve been providing expert home window replacement and installation for the last 20 years.  In this time we’ve found that most people highly underestimate the value of upgrading the older windows in their homes.  This is often attributed to the perception that a window is just a window and spending money on window replacement will provide little improvement in their home and their daily lives.


It’s very easy to sit back and feel like you’re saving money by not spending it on necessary home upgrades.  The truth is that you’re always staring depreciation right in the face. This is because most of what we own is aging and potentially losing value.  This includes electronics, our vehicles, and even our homes.  You’re not going to retain that value if you’re not properly maintaining or even upgrading components.  The reality about older windows is that it can be costly to repair them, and you’re going to get to a point when you’re just putting a bandaid on a large wound.

Your windows will never be 100% of what they were both with functionality and level of insulation when they were installed decades ago.  Also, window technology has improved so much that new windows will be able to function better and last longer than your old windows ever could.

Energy Costs

This leads us to the other and most tangible way your old windows may be costing you money, utility bills.  We have a lot of great info on our website regarding Energy Star windows and the benefits they provide.  These benefits occur monthly due to the dramatic effect that new windows have on your home’s ability to maintain the ideal temperatures you set for comfort.  Energy Star windows help in two ways and we’ll just focus on the Summer season for now.

One, they keep your rooms cool because you will no longer have drafty windows that release the hard work of your air conditioner (and wallet) out of your home.  Two, Energy Star windows regulate UV heat from entering your cool rooms and competing with your desired temps. This all results in your air conditioner running less in the summer and your monthly energy bills being lower. The change to some of our customer’s energy bills has been substantial and you can join these happy homeowners when you’re ready.

Beat the Summer

The southern, humid summer is always right around the corner for us here in the Savannah area. Thankfully you can get ahead of it by protecting your wallet and your comfort and making the sound investment of upgrading your old windows. We have years of experience providing our customers with the best communication, installation, and value for their money and we’re excited to help you when you’re ready.

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